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Thousands of jobseekers have visited and used ResumeZapper to enhance their career search. The following is a selection of unsolicited testimonials from those candidates. If you have a story you would like to share with us, click here to add your testimonial!

Good Luck in your Job Search!

  From:  Joni Whetzel
Hello, You just zapped my resume today, and I already have received 2 calls (very strong leads) and several e-mails from reputable receruiters. Thank you so much for your service, as it seems to be highly effective due to specific targeting. I'll keep you updated when I get a job!!!! Kind regaurds, Joni Whetzel

  From:  Sujay
I thank for its outstanding results. I was truely impressed for its reliable and affordable service that fetch real results in so less time. Everybody should give a shot in my opinion. Thanks again!!! SUJAY R. Senior Programmer Analyst Virginia

  From:  Francine accelerated my job search. Last year, I posted my resume on many sites and received little response. As a Corporate Account Director, I found this to be odd. It appears my resume was lost in databases with millions of other resumes. After using, I immediately received over a dozen calls and emails from recruiters who received my resume. This service works!Francine G.

  From:  Kelly McBride
We have only signed up for your ResumeZapper service for a short time now. We are very pleased with what you are able to provide. I think this is an excellent service for candidates, employers, and recruiters. Thank you for envisioning this concept and putting it together.

  From:  Dave Hurb
Thank you Resume Zapper for providing me with interviews! Resume Zapper provided me with exceptional results, by sending my resume directly to recruiters. These recruiters are working for me and scheduling me interviews! Without using Resume Zapper, these recruiters would have never received my resume and information. I have now had a number of interviews by companies interested in my sales experience. Keep them coming Resume Zapper!

  From:  Chad Burmeister
Thank you Resume Zapper for producing results! The way I see it, every recruiter works with a different set of companies. To get your name out to more companies, you have to tap the recruiter network. Since using Resume Zapper, I have been receiving 10 calls+ per day. It was definitely worth $50 bucks for all of the career options! I would recommend Resume Zapper to anyone looking for a position.

  From:  Paul Mitchell
Thank you Resume Zapper for producing results! I recently received an e-mail from your company indicating my resume went out to 1,318 recruiters. This was great news. An hour later four recruiters contacted me and today more seem to be trickling in. Keep up the good work!

  From:  Bernard Banks
Dear ResumeZapper, Thank you for your excellent service. I have been able to place several people with our clients based solely on the resumes you have selected for me.

  From:  Aija Pelshe
I have been sending my resume to numerous agencies for several months, but I received very few nibles. This resumezapper is fantastic! Within hours I have had 3 solid offers to set up interviews. Everytime I sit down to check my e-mail, it's like opening a Christmas gift! I don't believe it!

  From:  John Lindsay
I am very impressed! I am receiving notes from recruiters, just as you described in your welcome note. You are correct in saying that results will vary depending on how flexible one is to move etc. So far Resume Zapper looks to be a very effective job search model! Thanks again. John Lindsay

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