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Before receiving resumes from, you must review and agree to our Terms of Service. Please review this document carefully, included within the Terms of Service is ResumeZapper's Policy on SPAM and sending ADVERTISEMENTS to the candidates who use our service. Terms Of Service is for 3rd party contingency or Retained Search Firms and Staffing Agencies ONLY.


By signing up to receive resumes from you agree to the following:

  1. You are representing a bona fide search firm engaged in contingency or permanent placement. You are not a direct employer.
  2. You will not send Unsolicited Commercial Email (SPAM) to any candidate referred to your firm by Auto responders are permitted identifying your particular search firm practice or search firm website, no other advertisements are permitted without prior approval of the Administrator. You agree that if you or agents representing your business send advertisements to ResumeZapper provided candidates that you agree to pay ResumeZapper an advertising fee equal to ResumeZapper's prevailing advertising rates, (currently $1.00 per email per candidate - which equates to a $1000 cpm). You further agree that if it is determined that this policy has been violated, ResumeZapper reserves the right to terminate your account and take any legal action at it's disposal.
  3. You will not charge or offer to charge any candidate referred by for any of your services.
  4. You will not contact candidates for any reason other than for bona fide career opportunities that would be considered normal and customary employment. No multi-level marketing, get rich quick schemes, work at home email processing jobs or any opportunity that would cause a candidate to have to make a personal investment will be presented to a referred candidate, via email, phone, fax or direct mail.
  5. You agree not to disperse, forward or otherwise transfer any personal information about a ResumeZapper referred candidate with out the prior consent of the candidate first. This includes: not presenting a candidates credentials to a potential employer, and/or publishing a candidate's personal information in a database that can be viewed by others not associated with your firm.
  6. has the right to terminate any recruiter account for any reason whatsoever. The Administrator has sole discretion over all account termination's and re-activation's if any. The Administrator's decision is final.
  7. You agree in the event or it's agent requests information pertaining to your account that you will provide said information within 24 hours of notification.
  8. reserves the right to change or modify these terms without warning.
  9. You agree that through your use of the website to agree to abide by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. You agree that the forum for all litigation as a result of misuse of the ResumeZapper service shall be the Commonwealth of Virginia, not withstanding conflict of laws rules.
  10. You acknowledge that the transmission of unsolicited commercial electronic mail (UCE or SPAM) is against both the policies of Resume Zapper and illegal in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and will be vigorously prosecuted when detected. The current civil penalty is $500 per incident (per email).
  11. You acknowledge and agree that if Resume Zapper must bring an action for breach of this agreement due to unauthorized contact with candidates, you will be responsible for attorney's fees and costs associated with the action.
  12. You agree that the name "Resume Zapper" and all associated information on the Resume Zapper website, including candidate resumes, are the intellectual property of Virginia Web Properties and their unauthorized use constitutes copyright and trademark infringement.

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